Workers Compensation

Factory WorkerThe WorkSafe Victoria, a government organisation that provides and administers claims for workers who suffered hearing loss due to work conditions and are seeking compensation. These claims also include hearing aids and all the cost associated with its treatment. In order to qualify to participate in this scheme, a supplier has to be accredited with the OHS and we at Global Hearing are fully accredited to provide devices and services to the highest standards.

Costs associated for recovery through WorkSafe Victoria?

WorkSafe Victoria requires all employers to maintain an insurance policy to cover workers exposed to occupational risks. Damage due to exposure to loud and constant sound is also considered an occupational risk; therefore, WorkSafe Victoria administers the costs of hearing aids and other devices and approves them under the Act. It also assists in recovering the cost of non-approved devices that may be costly, as long as, clinical justification is made to help the worker for a smooth entry back into workplace.


If you feel that you need assistance in lodging a claim for work related damages to your hearing, call Global Hearing on (03) 9852-4440 or book an appointment using this form, and we will do our utmost best to help you in this matter.

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