Reasons for Tinnitus and solutions to avoid it

The voluntary and unwelcoming ringing sound in the ear without any actual noise is clinically termed as tinnitus. This kind of a hearing problem can result in hearing loss. In best put terms, it is a warning signal for damaged hearing and so needs to be taken sincerely. One must take precautions like refraining from excessive noise and safekeeping the ears to make sure that there is no further damage.
Let's check out common reasons for tinnitus:
Exposure to loud noise: If your profession or routine life demands listening to loud noise on a long term basis then you should fear having tinnitus in the long run. Leisure noises like rock concerts, boob boxes etc. can also lead to ringing ears. As basic form of precaution or tinnitus treatments, one must cover the ears with ear muffs or ear plugs while exposed to noise.
Stress: Excess stress levels, fatigue can damage the brain and ear cells and thus cause tinnitus. Life style changes and relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, reflexology, hypnotherapy, Tai Chi etc. can help relax the brain cells and thus avoid tinnitus. Sports and other forms of rejuvenating techniques can also help in this.
Common therapies and tinnitus treatments:
Tinnitus Retraining Therapy: It is about removing the negative beliefs and misconceptions about tinnitus. Auditory therapy with hearing aids and other noise generators can be availed to create environmental sounds to heal and train the brain so as to distract it from the hearing problem and reduce stress.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:Offered by clinical psychologists, this method focusses on adaptation of tinnitus. It is all about changing the perception about the problem, shifting focus away from it and also avoiding the stress caused by it. It is one of the most popular tinnitus treatments that has resulted in good psychological benefits and have helped patients a great deal.
No surgical procedures are yet designed as a part of tinnitus treatments but it is often found that this problem gets minimised after surgeries for other ear diseases. As far as medication is concerned, vitamin B12 is and herbal medicines taken under medical supervision can help a lot. So, be careful and stay away from noise for keeping away from the ringing ears.
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