Pros and Cons - Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are also known as Bionic Ear. They are very useful for people who are suffering from severe hearing loss. Many people mistake cochlear implants for hearing aids. There is a huge difference between them. While the latter amplifies sounds and direct them to ear canal, the former converts acoustic sounds into electrical pulses. The auditory nerve of a person is stimulated by these electrical pulses. 

Benefits of Cochlear Implants--


It enables the person to hear conversations more effectively.

  1. The affected person can learn spoken languages and s/he doesn't have to depend on sign languages or lip reading. 
  2. People have more control over their day to day activities which improves the quality of their personal, social and professional life. 
  3. People can hear well while talking over the phone too. 

Disadvantages of Cochlear Implants--

  1. People who got cochlear implants done should not get take part in activities such as scuba diving, football. They should not get exposed to MRI either.
  2. They are quite expensive. 
  3. Patients need to wear body processor all the time and some of them may have problems with the processor.
  4. Some of the people who got cochlear implanted also complained about ringing sound in the years and loss of taste as well. 

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