International Ear and Hearing Care Day- 3rd March

3rd March is observed as the 'International Ear and Hearing Care Day'. Hearing disability is the most prevalent hearing disability worldwide. Approximately 278 million people suffer from some kind of hearing impairment across the globe. This is about 4 percent of the world population. The purpose of this day is to spread awareness through events and activities to better and promote health care systems, hearing loss treatment and latest hearing aids.

Causes of Hearing Loss:-

There are many reasons that lead to hearing impairment. It is important to diagnose the cause for proper hearing loss treatment. Some of the causes are as under-

Infections in the ear
Meningitis, mumps and measles
noise induced hearing impairment
hearing loss due to aging
Lack of oxygen at birth can also lead to hearing loss.

Why 3rd March?

Yes, there is a viable explanation behind why 3rd March was chosen to commemorate International Ear and Hearing Care Day. This day was chosen, because two 3s in the date represent two ears.

The First International Conference on Prevention and Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairment was unitedly hosted in 2007, in Beijing by WHO, China Rehabilitation Research Center for Deaf Children (CRRCDC) and China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) .

Theme for this Year:-

Healthy Hearing, Happy Life - Hearing Health Care for Ageing People.

International Ear and Hearing Care Day Special Discount Offer-

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