Interesting Facts about Hearing Loss

Did you know that :

  • Your ear has more than 25,000 diminutive hair cells that help you in hearing various sound nuances.
  • People in these professions are more likely to develop hearing loss—musicians, heavy machinery workers, military personnel, fire fighters, musicians etc.
  • Most of the hearing impaired using hearing devices improved their social relationships.
  • Even mild hearing loss in children can affect their learning at school.
  • Hearing loss test must be carried out on all children within 1 month of birth.
  • Passive smoking can lead to middle ear infections.
  • Ears exposed to loud noise of 85 db or louder than that, are more likely to get affected by hearing loss.
  • Use of hearing aids lead to improved hearing ability, self esteem, confidence and reduction in anger and frustration.
  • Approx. 90% hearing aids are digital.
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