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Hearing Loss Test in Melbourne: The best among all!

Hearing Loss Test in MelbourneWe at Global Hearing will be happy to provide all the information you need on your hearing tests. Our Audiologist will take ample time for you to understand the types of hearing loss test and their need to assess the problems with your hearing. Please allocate 45 minutes to an hour for your first appointment. In the meantime, let us take a moment and try to describe some standard hearing tests available.

Otoscopic inspection

In this examination an audiologist uses a device called Otoscope to check the over health of your ear. This check includes ear canal and tympanic membrane otherwise known as eardrums. A wealth of information can be pulled out regarding your middle ear with this inspection and visible issues like peroration of eardrum and accumulation of ear wax can be ruled out.

Pure Tone Tests

This hearing test as the name suggests is based on the pure tones that naturally or artificially exist in our environment. It has two variances described below and is quite a popular type of hearing test in Melbourne.

Air conduction tests

This simple hearing test is based on high and low pitch tones travelling through your ear canal to the inner ear called cochlea using air as a mode of transportation. Varied levels of different tones are played through a headphone to measure audible sounds whilst the individual going through the test presses button upon hearing these tones. The results are then recorded on a chart called audiogram. The lowest or softest sound that a person can hear is called hearing threshold of that individual. People avail this hearing test in Melbourne quite a lot.

Bone conduction tests

This type of hearing test works on the same principals as an air conduction test. The mode of transportation here changes from air to bones. A small vibrator is placed behind the year to generate sound that travels through your bones and skull before reaching the cochlea. A similar measurement is made on an audiogram. The combination of both air and bone conduction tests can isolate the problem initiating area of the ear canal.

Speech Tests

The speech hearing loss test as the name suggest is based on the ability to understand and interpret the speech in normal environment. It is conducted to gauge the clarity of spoken words to enable interpretation without visual aids like hand gestures and lip movements. The responses to those words are then registered to reach a conclusion.

Speech-in-Noise tests

This hearing loss test is the combination of speech and background noise that stimulates the real life scenarios. The speech and noise are toggled in different combination of sound levels in order to test the hearing. It works similar to speech test when the subject tries to guess the words or even phrases spoken with background noise in order to assess his/her hearing.

Tympanograms and Reflex Tests

Tympanograms are the measurements that assess the elasticity of tympanic membrane or ear drum. It looks for normality in its movements, whereas, a reflex test is linked to the lack of muscle reflex in the middle ear. The two tests identify problems related to conductive hearing or the abnormal functions in the auditory system.

Notice any hearing loss or its signs?

No need to stress. Just take online hearing tests on this website by clicking here. Remember! You are always welcome to call us on 03 9852 4440 or clicking here for a free consultation with our audiologist at Global Hearing. Get your hearing test done without any delay.

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