Hearing Loss Quiz

Do you doubt that you are suffering from hearing loss? Do not take chances. Just take a simple quiz and determine whether or not you need hearing loss treatment. These 10 simple questions related to your daily life will help you determine if you need to go to a hearing clinic for a hearing test. Before you move on to taking the quiz, let's take a quick look at some statistics.

Hearing loss can have a detrimental effect on the quality of your life. It affects you in many ways. Most of the people keep procrastinating treatment for hearing loss as they refuse to accept they are suffering from hearing loss; however, it doesn't benefit you, it makes it even worse. Here are some statistics that will shock you.

  • Approximately 20,000 children in Australia are suffering from hearing loss.
  • According to a study, children suffering with some sort of hearing loss are 4 times more likely to suffer from a mental disorder. This is because of their inability to communicate with people around.
  • In Australia, approximately 500 babies are born with some sort of hearing loss.
  • More than 85% of babies born deaf are born to parents with perfect hearing ability.
  • Not only of children but adults' mental health is at a greater risk because of social isolation and imperfect communication with colleagues and family.

Hearing loss must never be ignored or taken lightly, as it not only affects your life but life of your family members too. Take the first step towards better hearing and treatment for hearing loss. Take this quiz which will not take more than a minute and you will be able to determine whether you need treatment for hearing loss or not or if you need to visit an audiologist for a hearing test.

Click here for a free self assessment quiz

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