Hearing loss and Treatment for Children


Hearing loss is one of the most challenging impairments one can deal with. People with hearing loss have to face many problems in their day to day lives, especially children. This post will discuss about the effects of hearing loss on a child's life as well as hearing loss treatment. 
Hearing Loss affects Development:-
As we all know that hearing is very crucial for speech. Hearing loss at a very early age affects a child's  language development, communication and learning. It badly affects a child's speech development and social life. It also hampers his/her academic achievements and self esteem. The child has low confidence and he feels isolated from the society. 
How does Hearing Loss affect Communication for Children:-
  • Children suffering hearing loss have a hard time developing vocabulary. Vocabulary development is slower in children with hearing loss as compared to children with normal hearing.
  • They also have difficulty in understanding words that have more than one meaning. 
  • Their sentence construction is also affected due to hearing loss. They construct small sentences as compared to children with normal hearing ability. As a result they can't understand complex sentences without intervention. Those who communicate with them need to construct very simple sentences to make them understand. 
  • Children with hearing loss can't hear word endings or soft sounds e.g. -s, -sh, f etc. Inability to hear word endings also results in misunderstandings and incorrect usage of past tense, pluralisation etc.
  • It may well happen that they can't hear their own voices, so it results in poor sentence structuring, pitch and rate of speech as well. Either they speak very loudly or not loud at all. 
  • The earlier the hearing loss is diagnosed the better it is for the child. Hearing loss treatment is possible if it is detected at a very early age. 
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