Hearing Loss- Hearing Aids Myths Debunked

Myth: Hearing Aid devices damage hearing
Fact: Hearing aid devices do not damage hearing if they are properly fitted.

Myth: Mild hearing loss doesn't require a hearing aid
Fact: When it comes to hearing loss treatment, assumptions should not be made as every one's needs are different. One must visit an audiologist at any reputed hearing clinic.

Myth: Purchasing a hearing aid online saves money and time.
Fact: It might seem as easy as pie, but the fact is that it is not going to benefit you. Since there lies so many categories between hearing well and hearing nothing at all, you wouldn't know what kind of hearing aid you need. The audiologist will perform a hearing test to determine what kind of hearing loss you are suffering from.

Myth: I am fine with the hearing aid my friend is using.
Fact: As advised earlier everyone's hearing loss is different and hence what works for your friend will not work for you. You should consult an audiologist, instead of choosing a hearing aid device on your own.

Myth: Hearing aids can re-establish hearing to normal
Fact: Hearing aids do not cure your hearing loss. They just improve the quality of your life by improving communication.

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