The NEW BREAKTHROUGH ACRIVA SOUND EXPERIENCE is now available at Global Hearing!
Buy now and receive a 25%1 discount off the recommended retail price.
Styles range from the new invisible- in- the- canal to the sleek and cutting edge nano style receiver in-the- canal models.
ACRIVA is Bernafon’s just released “State of the Art” family that boasts enhanced frequency reception to 10 KHz. This technology facilitates recomposition of disperse sound cues to an audible range thus enriching audition with life’s diverse sound palette.
Bernafon’s unique “Channel Free™” processing creates a seamless sound connection to the real world with nano second processing power unleashing unrivalled noise slaying technology. In addition all the top range environmental automatic and adaptive features are packaged together in this exceptional offer.
Be amongst the first to take advantage of Global Hearings launch special offer2 and obtain a 25% discount on the entire family of ACRIVA hearing instruments.
Call us now on 9852 4440 to reserve your complimentary assessment appointment.
  • Limit to first ten purchasers
  • 25% Discount only available to 31 July 2013
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