Different types of hearing aids

This post will give you insights in to different types of hearing aids, but before you get to know the different types of hearing devices, let's find out what hearing aids are.

What are hearing aids?

Hearing aids are devices that are designed to amplify sounds to enable people with hearing impairment listen better. Most of the hearing devices have similar components such as microphone, amplifier circuitry and receiver. In our previous post we discussed How hearing devices work, so let's go through various types of hearing devices.

Types of hearing aids:-

Hearing aids are different in terms of-
- Amplification technique (digital or analog)
- Design
- Any other features
1- Behind the Ear (BTE)-- As the name suggests, in this hearing aid most of the parts are in a small banana shaped box which is placed behind the ear. This box is connected to a small earpiece and the sound passes to the earmold through a tube. This hearing aid is the best option for children as earmolds will need to be replaced as the child grows. This type of hearing devices accommodate different types of earmolds. Besides, these earmolds are easy to clean and handle.
2- On the Ear aids (Also known as Mini BTE)-- This hearing aid can be placed behind or on the ear. It may have a conventional earphone or an 'open fit' earpiece. This type of hearing aid is very comfortable to users as it decreases plugged up sensations as well.
3- In the Ear aids (ITE aids)-- This hearing aid is bigger than CIC (completely in canal hearing aid) and ITC (In the canal hearing aid). Unlike, BTE, all components are placed in a small case which is placed at the outer part of the ear.
4- ITC(In the canal) or CIC (Completely in canal)-- Components of this hearing aid are placed in a tiny shell that is placed either inside or outside the canal of the ear. The biggest challenge with this hearing device is that cleaning is not easy at all.
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