Detect common signs and cure hearing loss early!

Hearing loss is said to affect 1 in 10 people from the general population and people falling in the age bracket of 65 years and above, the number just grows from 1 to 3. It is mostly treated by hearing devices and until and unless a hearing test is conducted, people stay unaware of it till the condition goes worse.

Those suffering with this ailment find solace in hearing devices and for more the ability to communicate and life quality goes for a toss. Experts say that hearing loss signs can surface in an intriguing manner over time or can originate suddenly due to some illness or any accident. Tracing the hearing loss signs is not difficult provided you stay updated with the preliminary symptoms that would help you in taking the required medication on time. This can at times even cut down the need of hearing devices.

Here check out the common indicators of hearing loss:

  • Socially
    • Need for frequent repetition.
    • Difficulty to follow a conversation involving more than 2 people.
    • People appear to be mumbling
    • Difficulty in hearing under noisy situations, like in a meeting room, crowded place or malls
    • Trouble in hearing children and women
    • Turning up the TV or radio on high volume
    • Responding inappropriately in conversations
    • Ringing sensation in ears.
  • Emotionally
    • Feeling tired and stressed due to straining to hear
    • Feeling annoyed at other people as you fail to hear them
    • Feeling of embarrassment in meeting new people
    • Nervous about trying to hear and understand.
    • Keeping away from social life
  • Medically
    • Having a family history of hearing loss.
    • Taking medications harming the hearing system (ototoxic drugs).
    • Suffering with diabetes, heart, or thyroid problems.
    • Exposure to loud sounds over a long period

If you face any of these symptoms and they last for long, don't delay and rush for a hearing test soon. Get hearing devices that ensure quality and make an effort to combat the problem with a strong will power!

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