Cope hearing loss early & enjoy your Christmas!

Paced up life & regressing health

Rushing through the fast paced world, health takes a back seat for the majority of us. We get so engrossed in matching speed with time that we hardly bother to read the early signs of our deteriorating health. While major illness is easily visible, we fail to recognise the ones that have a slow start like a hearing loss or loss of vision.

Identifying hearing loss

Like vision loss, hearing loss too is not restricted to age and is widely spread amidst kids (know more about hearing loss and treatment for children) and grown ups due to the constant exposure to loud noise. Conducting a hearing test is the only solution to identify the impairment. In most cases, when people get diagnosed with this ailment they isolate themselves and lead the life of a loner.

However, you don't have to do so as you have variety of hearing aids to help you combat the problem. Also, detecting the problem at an early stage will make the treatment more accurate and effective. As the festive season is near, don't let this issue stand as a major roadblock. If you or someone close to you is fearing an audio loss, seek advice from an expert audiologist.

This way you will be able to understand the type of loss you are facing and can choose the devices helping you listen in a better way. Choosing the right device will allow you to enjoy the Christmas with utmost fun and pleasure. Whether it is shopping with friends, laughing over jokes at the dinner table with family or any gathering; the right hearing aids will allow you to be an active participant.

Hearing aids type

As mentioned, these devices come in various models and sizes. They are in general categorised as custom in-the-ear models (ITE), behind-the-ear or BTE (know more about BTE hearing Aid devices) and receiver in the ear (RTE). You will be advised the right type for your ear by the audiologist and it will be done post the hearing test.

If you wish you can opt for a hearing test online or can even request a free home trial and check out in these Christmas holidays whether the hearing aids can give you satisfactory result or not. Don't ignore and detect the loss at its earliest!

Happy Hearing!

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