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“Thanks to my new hearing aids, I hear everything my granddaughter is saying”

Introducing Global Hearing

Effective hearing aids services

Global Hearing provides a broad range of hearing aid services to the community. Conveniently co-located within a medical centre, Global Hearing is able to offer a range of assessment services under Medicare eligibility. For those who require further assistance, we offer boutique hearing aids evaluation and dispensing clinic for both private and Office of Hearing Services (OHS) eligible pensioners and veterans. We are also accredited to provide hearing aid services to WorkCover eligible clientele. Paediatric assessment referrals are most welcome.

At Global Hearing we are keen to explore each patient's unique circumstances to better understand their concerns. This then enables us to craft appropriate recommendations in seeking a resolution of the particular difficulties and giving the right kind of hearing aid services.

For all the hearing aids users, it is important to know that Global Hearing is a privately owned and an independent practice. This means that you experience a wider choice of brands to select your desired hearing aids, one that matches your lifestyle to fulfil your requirements, rather than higher margins for the disguised factory outlets. An independent practice enhances your capacity to receive the best value for money and gives you a better range of choice.

Our Services:

  • Free Preliminary Hearing Screening Assessments
  • Diagnostic Hearing Assessments
  • Paediatric Hearing Assessments
  • Hearing Instrument Prescription
  • Hearing Aids Dispensing and Rehabilitation
  • Custom Swim, Noise and Musician Plugs
  • Tinnitus Counselling and Treatment
  • WorkCover Assessment, Hearing Aids Dispensing and Aftercare


Global Hearing has a fully operating clinic in Lower Templestowe. This locations offers friendly services and expert advice for your hearing care.

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